FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I see a video tutorial on how to use the equipment?

            ·         You can visit http://www.watermarkmedical.com/physician-videos.php for videos about the ARES Device.

            ·         If you are testing You can visit http://www.carefusion.com/medical-products/respiratory/sleep/nox-t3-                       portable-sleep-monitor.aspx

What if I need more time to finish the testing process?

            ·         Contact Complete Sleep during business hours toll free at 855-201-9845 regarding an extension.

Can I get patient support after business hours?

            ·         Yes, you can call 310-623-1829 and one of our afterhour’s specialists will be able to help you with any                            questions regarding the testing process.

How do I ship the device back to your office?

       ·         After testing you can place everything that came in the box back in the box and use the prepaid return label                  to ship it back to Complete Sleep. Place the return label on top of the old label and drop off the box at any                     Post Office.