Determining if your patient is at risk is the first step in successfully treating sleep apnea. Through our Sleep-Mgmt program, providers will screen patients directly — using our comprehensive “Complete Sleep Questionnaire” to find out if their patient is at risk for sleep apnea. This screening form will help you better understand if your patients may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. After completing the screening process, providers sign the “Prescription Form” (located on the 2nd page of the Complete Sleep Health Questionnaire) and fax to Complete Sleep.

Patient Screening Tools Available To You: 

  • Clinical Training
    • Through our turn-key Sleep-Mgmt program, your practice will be fully trained on how to effectively screen patient’s for sleep apnea.
  • Complete Sleep Questionnaire
    • A comprehensive sleep health questionnaire form, designed to help gauge a patient’s sleep apnea risk level.
  • Sleep-Mgmt
    • A private portal and management software to help you and your practice keep track of your entire patient’s with quality care and ease.


 Contact us for more information regarding how we can help build your Sleep Apnea program in your office!